Women Boxing on field


Boxing: If your body needs a kick start, or you want to get quick results, Boxing can help you. No previous experience needed.

Having recently qualified as a Ricky Hatton Advanced Boxing Instructor, men, women & children have been enjoying the benefits boxing has to offer.

Train with a friend or better still bring your enemy!

Benefits of Boxing

  • Fat burning
  • Builds strong bones & ligaments
  • Increased cardio vascular
  • Improved muscular endurance
  • Improved core stability
  • Stress relief
  • Improved co-ordination & body awareness
  • Improved confidence & self-esteem


Come and join us for a lot of hard work but above all a lot of fun.

Men Boxing
People in studio boxing
Women Boxing
Children Boxing

Nutritional Advice

Learn how to make healthier and more mindful choices, taking charge of your appetite,  gaining a feeling of calm, high energy levels and alertness from the foods you eat.

One to One Training

People often don’t see results because they’re not working as hard as they could. It’s easy to slack off when you’re by yourself, but having someone to challenge you can make a difference.

Regular Reviews

Is your training approach working are you achieving your goals? Addressing any barriers along the way, make adjustments, refresh plans, bring back focus and motivate.

Online Training

Save time, no travelling to and from the gym. Want to train with friends, share the cost? You can all log on at the same time even if you’re far apart.

Why Choose Us

I’m a mum, wife and business owner

First and foremost I’m a mum, wife and business owner. I have time restraints just like you so understand the importance of juggling commitments to fit in with trying to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

I am knowledgeable in my field. I  always look to update my skills, ensuring it is relevant & up to date. Keeping up with changing trends and directions in the health & fitness industry.

I tailor everything to you & have solutions to help you overcome your struggles.

I don’t just focus on training, it’s about working with your mental well-being & overall health. Improving your lifestyle not just a weight loss coach.

It’s your own private studio, just you & me. You won’t feel intimidated by others working out in the gym. It’s your time your space.

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